It’s been a minute folks since my last blog based diatribe, and I think I’m actually ready to make my momentous comeback.  To be honest when I started Hat-tarded I had a stored bank of hate for ridiculous conceived headgear and the morons that wear them.  In turn, I exhausted myself with too many posts in a rather short period of time and thus making me despise the act of blogging.

During my hiatus I realized that just blogging about retarded hats and anything dealing with Affliction clothing was too narrow of a scope.  I still vest a lot of anger towards these outlets but truthfully my blogging was getting extremely focused and very redundant.  I simply got bored at writing about the same old shit, and needed to broaden my blog horizons.  So I’m back, and don’t worry I’ll still dip into the old Hat-tarded well from time to time.

Now onto the title of my post, what will the hipsters and the douches bring out this year as their Lolla fashion statement?  Going out to several street festivals and p4k this year I already know that we should see a plethora of retro NBA jerseys from both the hipsters and the copycat fraty douches.  Here are a few labeled pictures to put things into perspective for you.

Hipster wearing a retro NBA jersey:

Copycat fraty douches wearing retro NBA jerseys:

I really liked retro NBA jerseys before, but with the recent proliferation of them in packs at festivals makes me deplore them with a passion.  I wonder what goes on the minds of these people when they all go to the thrift store and say “we’re all going to buy old school NBA jerseys and rock them like nerdo boy scouts”.  I bet you the more obscure the jersey the better like a Jack Sikma Sonics jersey just because it says “Sik-ma” on the back.  We all know none of these hipsters know half the players on the jerseys they buy.

As for the fraty douches they just need to go their closest and dust off their already owned NBA  jerseys and follow the trend.  However, for the people that have sported retro jersey rock steady before it became a hip phenomenon must be pissed, fuck I would.

Anyhow, I jest, I actually love seeing what people come up with to wear at Lolla.  I’ll be the sweet Asian dude in his bday suit with a backpack on making fun of then, if you were wondering.